Star Notary Service

Ethereum ERC-721 Star Notary Service allows you to create stars with coordinates in the Ethereum Blockchain to save. This application is a demo application, which the functionality of a DApp demonstrated. The functionality of Solidity and interaction with Javascript. The application implements the Ethereum ERC-721 Token Standard as a Solidity Smart Contract. The web frontend uses Javascript. The application stores the start name, a description, and the coordinates (RA right ascension, mag absolute value, centaur). [Read More]

Star Notary Service Arc42

Ethereum ERC-721 / Arc42 (DE)

1.0 Einf├╝hrung und Ziele Star Notary Service erlaubt es, Sterne mit Koordinaten in der Ethereum Blockchain zu speichern. Diese Applikation ist eine Demoanwendung, welche die Funktionsweise einer DApp demonstriert. Es wird die Funktionsweise von Solidity und Interaktion mit Javascript vorgestellt. 1.1 Aufgabenstellung Die Anwendung implementiert den Ethereum ERC-721 Token Standard als Solidity Smart Contract. Der Webfrontend nutzt Javascript. Die Anwendung speichert den Start Name, eine Beschreibung und die Koordinaten (RA Rektaszension, mag Absolutwert, cen Zentaur). [Read More]

Organic Oil Manufacturer

Ethereum Dapp example. It illustrates the supply chain from the farmer to the customer as a smart contract. Business Story The organic farmer Bob produces exclusive rapeseed oils. Bob presses the oils in a nearby rapeseed mill. Afterward, he sells the oils at the farm shop. The oil is bottling in one-liter bottles, and each bottle has a unique identity code. Farming and the Harvest store (selling) are separate concerns. When Bob plans to produce oil, he harvests one or more fields and transports the seed to the mill. [Read More]