Why Hugo?

Carbon Footprint of static and dynamic websites

Happy New Year 2024. The decision to switch from WordPress to a static website engine like Hugo was easy. Once, my provider complained about the version of PHP and wanted to charge me extra for running an older PHP version. Furthermore, a modern and beautiful WordPress site requires a lot of time. Another time, the My SQL database had problems, and I lost my settings and content. During the years, I got a lot of attack attempts from all over the world. [Read More]

Generative AI

I want to end the year with an article on generative AI (genAI). Although the algorithms and methods are already decades old, 2023 is when the impressive possibilities have reached the masses. Spreadsheets and calculators have revolutionized the work of accounting and finance departments. AI will fundamentally change knowledge work. The possibilities offered by artificial intelligence are enriching and liberating. In the field of software development, AI assistants (Github Copilot, JetBrains AI Assistant, etc. [Read More]

Pi Hole

Protect your Network with Pi-Hole The Pi-hole¬ģ project is a DNS sinkhole that protects your devices from unwanted content without installing any client-side software. The project can use as an ad blocker for each device on a network. It can also block particular domains for internet access (e.g., known malware, spyware, ransomware, youth protection, Etc.). The Domain Name System (DNS) finds the internet address of a domain name. Pi-Hole can use as a Domain Name System. [Read More]


Can a star chef act agile?

(Second Version) It is challenging to explain agile or lean methods to customers or outsiders. In the agile environment, many examples and metaphors from software development dominate. In lean, many models are from industrial production, especially Toyota. In the movie Burnt, the main character John Adam went through an agile transformation. John Adam is a talented star chef and is trying his comeback in London. Years ago, he failed in Paris to cook his next stars. [Read More]